Each of us is unique!
We carry a different soul, different shape of body & different energy.

Self n’ Soul Fitness is created to reveal your uniqueness.

It is important for each of us to understand the special characteristics that shape who we are, to explore our inner world and finally experience unity inside out. We all have different backgrounds, different bodies, also our characters differ, we have different necessities, different lifestyles, different preferences. It is now the time for us to understand that we can NOT all fit into one specific diet, one type of training, one way to live. We are in need of personalization in all areas of our lives.

The only person that really knows us, is no one else but OURSELVES!
Self n’ Soul fitness works as a portal to your own self. We provide information, tools and services to help you acknowledge this uniqueness and live a beautiful, happy, fully balanced and healthy life.

Our name is a representation of what we strive to achieve in this life, a balanced Self and Soul communion. The word “fitness” refers to the perfect match – the best health, which is originally its meaning and it is wrongly associated with muscle building.

Everything in life is a representation of something. Everything in life symbolizes something deeper. Everything has the power of remembrance of something long forgotten. Colors, symbols, shapes, people, numbers, figures…

As you already noticed or maybe not, we like colors, especially this goldish yellow. This happens for a reason.
This yellow-gold color represents the inner Wisdom, the deep joy in reconnecting with innate and collective wisdom, as the Aura Soma System explains. It also refers to a very powerful area of our body, the area between our navel and the Solar Plexus, known as “Hara”. Hara area contains the vitality of our whole existence and it is known from the Japanese warrior’s ritual the “Hara-Kiri, used as a form of honored death.

Our logo features a trilogy of symbolism.
You probably noticed that it looks like the symbol of infinity or like a hourglass. But you should wonder why they are open.
Also you don’t really understand what these little colorful dots are.
So here is the explanation!

The logo is a union of two S, the Soul and the Self, two separate Ss that are connected through their center. Τhe Center of connection is the human being!

The colorful dots are the 5 elements, the composers of our world. Red stands for Earth, yellow for Fire, green for air, blue for Water and purple for Ether. The elements are combined differently to shape and create different figures in different forms (solid, liquid, gas) such as trees, mountains, crystals…

If you observe carefully you will see that the elements shape a third S, a S that stands alone.

Self n’ Soul logo shows the connection between our true self and our unique soul, under the guidance of the 5 elements.
It is a demonstration of total freedom, when this connection takes place, then time and space as we know it, collapse and everything is made possible. You have become whole (again), you have become one.

Self n’ Soul Fitness calls you to be your own element and live a life of fulfillment

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