I personally welcome you to Self n’ Soul Fitness, a vision of mine that now is available online and I am so happy sharing it with all of you.

Let me introduce myself, I am Anna and I am the founder of Self n’ Soul Fitness.
It also happens to be a sailor since a very young age, a Physical Educator, a Coach, a Personal Trainer, a Bowtech Practitioner and a Yoga Teacher.
I don’t really believe in titles, I believe in the energy that each of us carries and shares with the world.

I am definitely connected with nature, especially with water and air element. My story starts on a sailing boat at the age of 5. While I was growing up, involved in sailing, I started to realize and bring together the 5 elements, mind and body, my heart and my soul. I managed to connect them all in such a level of participating in the 2012 Olympic Games. By that time I was already studying Physical Education and Sport Science at the Kapodistian University of Athens since 2009 and I had a dream of becoming a professional Coach in Sailing.

After Olympics, I was “lucky ” enough to get a job offer from the Olympic Committee of Qatar and I worked there for almost 2 years. Something inside me has been making a lot of noise, a big revolution started in my heart. ”What is all this pressure for?” , “Where is the love for your body, for yourself”, “Pushing so hard made you have a breakdown, is it worth it being a champion but loosing your heath?” my heart whispered to me. And then, a big desire arose, to go to India, without knowing why. I realized after, that India was about Yoga.
Yoga was part of my Olympic Achievement, but I had stopped my practice since 2013.

I came back to Greece in 2015 and studied Transformational Hatha Yoga, Aerial Yoga and Therapeutic Yoga. But India was calling me. So I left to find Sri Swami Vinyanand, the founder of Transformational Yoga. This style of Yoga got my heart since the very beginning. It was all in one, working in all levels of my being. I had the same feeling on my mat, as I had on boat, everything was so connected again, in perfect flow, silent and beautiful.

I stayed there for 5 weeks working on myself, communicating and experiencing unconditional love. When I came back (early 2017), I got an inner guidance to share all of my knowledge and all my experiences, I had to become “void” again. The idea of Self n’ Soul fitness came up and I started working on this project.

A lot of unexpected things happened in my life, I had to withdraw to find a deeper healing for myself. I wasn’t really ready to expose myself in this level. So I found a lot of communicative obstacles on my way. I was in my healing process since my 19s, having tried almost every alternative therapy and still not really satisfied. I was raised to be independent and had an inner power that I was trusting.
I never really liked the concept that someone else except of myself is my therapist. And then, Bowetech, found me. Bowtech is a system that awakens the initiate power of the body to heal itself. So I followed the system and then got my certification as a Bowen Practitioner.

With Bowen, a trinity of services that are based on self empowerment and inner healing was completed.
Everything became clear, this is what I came to provide to this world.

“I would be honored if I could share my experience with you, working together towards your fitness and wellness goals serving and respecting your uniqueness.”

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