Baths-the best way to relax

A warm bath is the best way to relax both your mind and your body, your senses and your soul.

Combining the therapeutic effects of salts, water and essential oils  and providing an overall detoxification while calming & soothing your entire system.


In this recipe we chose

Lavender for her calming properties.

Epson salts to release inflammation and tension

Baking soda for detoxification & exfoliation

Coconut oil for moisturising



1 cup epsom salts

1/4 cup baking soda

2 Tablespoons coconut oil

10-12 drops of Lavender essential oil


How to

Mix ingredients together then add to a warm bath as the water is running.



Stay for at least  for 20′ and up t0 30′ on the water.

Stay hydrated! Drink at least 800ml water after your bath.

Extra tip : add classic music for better mind relaxation.