“Make wellness your priority & transform your Life!”

Self n’ Soul Fitness & Aquantum present a series of online workshops dedicated to wellness.
The founders of two sites, Anna & Stella sharing the same love for nature and humans decided to connect and create transformative events.

First workshop is all about the place we live in!
Have you ever wonder if the place you live in is truly your home?

“This workshop provides all the informations & techniques that we need in order to transform the place we live in, into our Home.
Feeling more comfortable, relaxed and creative while staying inside.”

Join us Today. Let’s make your house the best place to stay !

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Who is this workshop for

  • For all of us who are living inside the house.
  • For all of us who have already seen a lot of movies.
  • For all of us who have read all the books we had in stock.
  • For all of us who did daily fitness routines from the internet.
    But the hours don’t seem to pass…
  • For all of us who, as time goes on, seem to be getting heavier.
  • If you have done everything you could do at home, this workshop is for you!
    It’s time for something different…

What does the workshop includes

  • Every day techniques that keep our house clean and fresh.
  • Tips & hacks on how to raise the frequency of our space.
  • Ways to create the right field for your needs and dreams.
  • How our emotions, thoughts and relationships affects the wellness of the house.
  • How to make your house, your home. Feel comfortable in it & create abundance for your life.

What if staying at home was so comfortable and relaxing?

Yes! We can create a warm & comfortable home. 

This workshop is currently only in greek language.
For english inquires, please contact us

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