November Challenge – The 5km running race!

Running is widly spread the last years.
A lot of street races are organized all around the world.
Most of them are the ones of 5km, 10 km and marathons.


More and more people are involved in running and take the challenge.

Do you like running?


Do you consider taking part in one of these events but you are lacking the training program, the method and the tips needed in oder to reach the 5km or 10km running distance?


Today I am going to give you all the information you need in order to start your preparation for 5km or 10 km. These programms are created to improve your overall physical condition and your running time. They should be performed on a running court.



These programs are made for people who are runners and have chosen running as their exercise routine.

If you are a beginner please do not try them out.



How to set up your workout during the week


Running programms should be done 3 times a week, day by day so that the body gets a full recovery.

Choose between   Monday-Wednesday-Friday  or Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday

For the rest of the days, you can choose between:

– Free running 15-20 minutes

– Implement your strengthening program at the gym

– Some Sundays, choose the street as your training terrane
Run the whole distance either 5km or 10km.
This will help you understand your personal time and your gradual improvement.

The structure of the training


Warm up – Program – Rehabilitation


Warm up

15 minutes jogging

Active stretching

Running exercises for 20 meters

– high knees
– heels to the buttox
– «scissors»

Run the distance of 20 meters try to bring you knee high. Repeat two times.


The Training Programs

Choose from the programs the ones that best suites you or the ones you like the most.
At the beginning of the week, you should start with the longest distances and leave the shortest distances for the end of the week.

The pace should be around 60% of your maximum speed.

Tip: In the middle of the break count your heart beat for 10 seconds! If your heart beat is below 24, you can start if it is over 24 either extend your break a little longer or slightly lower your pace.



Take a two-turn reverse run in the grass at a very slow pace so that your heart beat decreases and your breath returns to normal.

15 minutes of stretching

Tip: Hydration is very important!
Drink plenty of water at the end of your workout and just two to three sips during the breaks- rest periods.


The programms

10 x 150m. REST 1.30 MINUTE

12 x 100m. REST 1.30 MIN

8 x 200m. REST 2 MINUTES

6 x 300m. REST 2 MINUTES

6 x 400m. REST 2 MINUTES

6 x 500m. REST 2 MINUTES

3 x 1000m. REST 2 MINUTES

4 x 600m. REST 2 MINUTES





If you need help, feel free to contact me!