“From time to timelessness…”

An innovative integral method of meditation. With immediate effects on your physical, emotional, mental, psychic and spiritual aspects.
The ultimate tool that provides clarity, inspiration and overall wellness. Ideal, if you are seeking to connect with your true knowledge and your inner guidance.

It is part of Transformational Yoga.

Mind is the medium through which consciousness communicates with the Self. Meditation is the process of this communication.
Meditation begins with you in a seated & relaxing position. Continuing with conscious movement. Through practice you manage to bring meditation into your daily life. The ultimate goal is to make meditation, a way of life.

TIME is a meditation that combines all the other self-observation & concentration techniques.

Raya Yoga meditation is all about wisdom. Using techniques that relate to the mental body and/or the third chakra, aiming to elevate them.
The meditation of Bhakti Yoga relates to the heart and the fourth chakra. Its main purpose is awakening.

Karma Yoga, is a movement-based meditation.

The meditation of Sankia Yoga focuses on the upper centers. The goal here is to experience inner peace and respect the divine nature within each being. The ability to observe is an instant way to transform negative energy into wisdom. Starting with external concentration (Dharana). Through practice, we transfer the concentration from outer into inner world. So we can finally reach a meditative, serene state within us.

“Transformational Integral Meditation Education brings forth the clarity & the purity of our existence. It gives us the understanding of the aims and the goals, that our Divine Self has sets for us. Transcending space, time and all the conditions of the body, energy and mind. “

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Why TIME Meditation;

  • It is a simple practice for everybody, regardless of age and body structure.
  • It respects all religions and is not a religious movement.
  • It helps us discover who we are.
  • It is an immediate method of relaxing and experiencing peace.
  • It creates harmony in relationships and in everything we do.
  • It increases the levels of energy and will.
  • It exercises the mind and develops creativity.
  • It creates the right space for you to connect with the right tools /people / partners.
  • Transforms your life.
  • Connects the person with the divine part that exists within us all.
  • The person becomes empowered, independent and connected to the purpose of his/her life.

These sessions are for you if you want to

  • Release your physical, emotional and mental stress
  • Achieve total relaxation
  • Train your ability to concentrate
  • Increase your work efficiency
  • Bring up your imagination, your inspiration and your creativity
  • Take proper and correct decisions
  • Transcend your structured mental patterns and enter the universal mind
  • Understand yourself and the way you experience reality
  • Find guidance and support
  • Unite with the source of creation, prosperity and truth

TIME is the # 1 meditation that encompasses all others.

The T.I.M.E. Meditation Includes:

All levels of our being, all bodies (physical, emotional, mental, mental and spiritual) & all chakras.

  • it relaxes, releases and transforms our 4 bodies.
  • Awakens the ability of observation.
  • Works on (self) concentration.
  • Increases energy levels.
  • It trains our ability to experience and remain in the NOW moment.
  • It connects us with our inner guru – the eternal inner knowledge.
  • Connects us to the source of creation.
  • It promotes the feeling of ease & grace.
  • Supports our dreams and goals.



The effects of TIME meditation in your life

  • Reduces stress from body and mind
  • Relieves emotional blockages
  • Has an immediate positive effect on anger, fear and insecurity
  • It gives you more energy and drive for your daily life
  • You gain greater clarity to take decisions
  • You are more efficient in everything you do
  • It increases your confidence and self- worth
  • It gives you the energy and power to realize your goals
  • It promotes your inspiration and your creativity
  • It connects you with the right people for you and your dreams
  • You are in constant connection with the purpose of your life
  • You experience peace, prosperity & bliss

If you have no previous experience of meditation or you are a novice, you will need a total of 4 sessions.

If you are already meditating or you are an intermediate, one session (4th) is enough for you to involve.

1st session – 45 minutes

  • The importance of observation
  • How to start observation
  • Looking at your thoughts
  • Concentrate at an external point
  • Practice for 1 week

2nd session – 45 minutes

  • External observation becomes internal
  • The technique from external to internal concentration
  • How to release my mind & be here now
  • Practice for 1 week

3rd session – 45 minutes

  • What is meditation & how it contributes to one’s wellness
  • Connect with the different levels of the self
  • Turn on the internal observer
  • Self-observation
  • Practice for 1 week

4th session – 75 minutes

  • Which are our 5 bodies according to Transformational Yoga
  • How they interact in daily basis
  • Function of the mind
  • The TIME method
  • How to connect to the source of energy
  • Becoming effective at whatever you do.
  • Connect with the true guidance, your inner Guru
  • Meditation as a way of life

* After the end of each session, you will receive an e-book. This e-book contains the information, the methods & the daily practices mentioned in the session.

For additional details call us at +30 6978174752

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