TIME Meditation for Corporate & Business Leaders

What is T.I.M.E. Meditation

Meditation is a method, designed to connect the individual with the supreme consciousness. Through meditation we have the opportunity to experience our higher self, our true nature and to get in touch with the source of inspiration & information.

Our mind plays a significant role in this process, it is the link between consciousness and self.

T.I.M.E. Meditation is a holistic approach towards wellbeing, emotional balance, mental clarity and psychic calmness that is designed by the Master Yogi, Swami Vidyanand, founder of Transformational Yoga and Yoga Alliance International.

To find the solution we have to observe a situation or a problem with a clear and calm mind detached from any adhesion of past experiences or future hopes. The main purpose of this method is to bring the awareness in the present moment, the only place where the power of clear observation exists. Every meditation technique is focused on the transgression of the mind by releasing the ideas and the mental boundaries we carry. In this way the individual is able to access the source of true knowledge, to experience the process of creation and understand the process of taking decisions.

In contrast with the traditional method of Meditation, as described in Raja Yoga, “observing the mind in complete silence”, T.I.M.E. MEDITATION goes beyond the mental plane. T.I.M.E. gives us the opportunity to re-discover ourselves and enter into our true potential.

Swami Vinyanand notices that if we want to transcend the mind, the observation of thoughts, emotions and sounds or staying in silence, it is not enough.

“One has to go down to his/her very existence to understand who he/she really is, in order to acknowledge his/her aim in life. This is not possible if someone looks only through his/her mind. One has to go beyond the mental plane, rise his/her consciousness and understand the whole picture in order to be successful. This is what T.I.M.E. MEDITATION offers.”

5 Reasons why T.I.M.E. MEDITATION is the ultimate tool for Corporate and Business Leaders

⇒ Easy, Simple, Direct
⇒ The fastest method to minimize the stress, clear the mind and take correct decisions
⇒ It is a scientific method, not linked with any religion
⇒ Creates a good workplace environment
⇒ Enhances the collaboration of the colleges
⇒ It can be practiced anywhere, even on your office chair and no other tool or change is needed

What is really important is to ensure the good mental and overall health of people leading a Business. Often leaders suffer from chronic stress, headaches, insecurities that decrease their productivity. It is necessary for them to get an initial support from their companies. This support should have a form of a quick and effective method that releases the stress and relaxes their whole system. T.I.M.E. Meditation is a quick and easy to learn method that offers immediate positive results and can promote your company’s wellbeing and productivity to another level.


What can be attained through T.I.M.E. MEDITATION

⇒ One immediately increase his/her energy levels
⇒ One increases his/her creativity and productivity
⇒ One can take fast decisions in correct timing
⇒ One releases the mental or emotional stress easily
⇒ One can maintain a balanced system though pressure
⇒ One has access in the unused part of his/her brain
⇒ One has better communication and contribution with his/her colleagues
⇒ One is able to distinguish working and family environments

Combining T.I.M.E. Meditation with the specialized practice of Transformational Yoga for Corporate is the ultimate way to promote wellness, ensure a good working environment and stay healthy and productive as a Leader but also as a company.

For booking your session of T.I.M.E. Meditation, contact us here.

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