A holistic approach to physical health, emotional balance, mental clarity and psychic freedom. Transformational Yoga is the leading system that relaxes and at the same time empowers every part of yourself. This system gives you the tools to transform your life & experience self-healing. Living in harmony of who you are, embracing your unique talents.

it is an innovative and holistic yogic system that composes techniques from others. Hatha Yoga, White Tantra, Raja Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini and Bhakti Yoga are in.

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Why Transformational Yoga

  • Instant & holistic method
  • It connects all the pieces of your being
  • Balances and strengthens all the functions of your system
  • Easy poses - asanas
  • Practice in your personal space, at your own time
  • Contains respiratory exercises(pranayamas), mantras, specialized meditation techniques and yoga nidra
  • Transformational Yoga is a comprehensive method of self-healing
Contains respiratory exercises(pranayamas), mantras, specialized meditation techniques and yoga nidra Transformational Yoga is a comprehensive method of self-healing

Transformational Yoga is for you, if you:

  • Are you a student, teacher or thinking about starting yoga now.
  • Seeking physical strength but also a way to relax.
  • Are looking for a holistic approach and solution on your problem.
  • Need immediate detoxification.
  • Want to develop a better and closer relationship with yourself.
  • Look for inspiration and want to get in touch with your talents.
  • Look for an immediate way to release your mental patterns.
  • Need help on how to transform your bad habits.
  • You want to create paradise on earth

The benefits of Transformational Yoga are multidimensional

  • Total relaxation and empowerment of your physical body.
  • The release of repressed emotions, mental & physical toxins leads to a healthier you.
  • You achieve a greater level of wellness.
  • The production of specific sounds, calms your nervous system.
  • Meditation and observation brings mental and emotional balance & clarity
  • The practice has positive impact on your daily life.
  • You develop a deeper connection with your inner world and your true essence.

The effects on your well-being are obvious & comes with ease and grace:

  • Health and harmony
  • Release & Detoxificof physical, emotional, mental, psychic toxins
  • Empowerment at all levels
  • Spiritual Clarity
  • Physical Wellness and Strengh
  • Emotional Balance
  • Strengthening of the immune and endocrine system
  • Improving all relationships (with oneself, with others, with the source)
  • Connected to your uniqueness & purpose of life

An online session and practice from the comfort of your home
Duration: 90 minutes
Instructor: Anna Agrafiotis, Yoga Teacher with over 500 hours of training

Structure of the session

  • Brief discussion - we are discussing any issue that may have arrise, we are setting an intention for the day
  • Self-observation - we observe how we are before entering the practice
  • Pranayama Exercises - Joint Mobilisation - Activating the body
  • Basic Transformational Yoga Practice - as formulated by the renowned Master Yogi, Swami Vidyanand.
  • Extra seating or standing postures/asanas - depending on the needs of the trainee
  • Savasana - the yoga pose of total liberation and deep relaxation
  • Meditation or Guided Visualisation - for deeper connection
  • Comments & Remarks - Anna always devotes some time at the end of the lesson. Observing changes & discussing anything that may emerge during or after the practice.
  • Journaling - is optional but Anna recommends it so that the trainee can keep track of his / her course.
"The key is progress, not perfection." * the first session is a simple meeting with the new client. It includes health history, reason for the sessions, defining goal(s). Explaining the format of the sessions & the basic theory of Transformational Yoga

For additional details call us at +30 6978174752

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