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Transformational Yoga

What is Transformational Yoga

A holistic approach to physical health, emotional balance, spiritual and mental clarity.

Transformational Yoga is an integrative yogic system created by the well-known Master Yogi, Swami Vidyanand, who is also the founder of Yoga Alliance International.

It is a holistic and innovative yoga system that synthesizes and links techniques from Hatha Yoga, White Tantra, Raja Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Bhakti Yoga.

Transformational Yoga is inspired by Integral Yoga. A yoga practice founded by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother which main purpose is to awaken the ability of self-healing inside the human nature. Self-healing is happening when old toxic patterns and motives are released and transformed, and a healthy, balanced and joyful life is achieved.

Tools & Techniques of “Transformational Yoga”

Transformational Yoga will give you all the tools you need to create your own life
plus the support you need in everyday life.

• Through the body postures-Asanas you will find the way to a detox and strengthen your physical body.

• Through the breathing exercises – Pranayamas you will discover the way to balance your emotional body.

• Though the specific use of sounds and vibrations – Mantras you will be able to relax your mind, release all the mental patterns and make space for the new to enter into your life.

• Through meditation you will learn how to remain focused, while your ability for observation and decision making will increase. You will be able to experience a deeper and stronger connection with the Source.

Transformational Yoga is the highway to physical and spiritual Well-being.

Slef n Soul Fitness Transformational Yoga

As a practisioner of Transformational Yoga you will learn

=> The basic anatomy of human body
=> The basic theory of the 7 Energetic Channels-Chakras
=> 5 breathing techniques for better vitality and increased energy levels
=> How to meditate
=> How to transform your habits
=> The basic chakra set practice. A practice of only 10 Asanas that cleanses and revitalizes your whole system in short time
=> The whole set of Asanas that empowers and strengthens the body inside out
=> The complete practice of Transformational Yoga that cleanses, empowers, transforms and strengthens your system, physically, emotionally, mentally and psychically so that you can connect with your True Self and your Life purpose.


Health Benefits of Transformational Yoga

Transformational Yoga has multi-level effects on your wellbeing while facilitating your connection with the source of Creation.

=> A total relaxation is achieved through the practice due to the release of toxins, suppressed emotions and toxic thoughts that gives you the feeling of fear/panic.
=> Your nervous system is able to rebalance through the relaxation techniques. The result is for you to feel more alive, happy and full of energy in your every day life.
=> Stress release is one of the major benefits of this yoga system.
=> More Oxygen is available for you now as a result of breathing exercises, helping you to increase your vitality and your body to burn fat more efficiently.
=> Emotional and psychic balance is achieved through meditation and chanting. You own your mind and your emotions, they don’t own you!
=> Mental clarity is increased and taking decision is easier than ever.
=> A deeper level of communication with your inner world is achieved. You are able to understand what your body needs, which are your emotions, how do you feel, to express your thoughts, to love yourself unconditionally and finally unite with your true self.

Who can practice Transformational Yoga

Everyone, no matter the age or yoga experience

• Those who are looking for a way of empowerment that will also provide relaxation and well-being
• Those who want to deepen their practice
• Those looking for a holistic therapy
• Those looking for a detox programm
• People who are interested in self-healing
• People who want to initiate / develop the technique of meditation
• People who are interested in developing their spirituality
• People who want to discover their talents
• To those who want to empower their whole self (body, mind, spirit)
• Those who want to improve their immune system and vitality
• Those who want to improve their overall health / well-being