Workout & Pregnancy

Many women have thoughts about whether or not to exercise during pregnancy. The old opinion was that the woman during pregnancy should not move at all.
On the contrary, today it is proven that women who are physically active during pregnancy can more easily manage and ease the stress caused from the hormonal imbalances and as well they can maintain a better body weight.

Fitness for pregnant is now widespread and there are a variety of different systems to choose from.
It is important though to use exercises of reduced difficulty, intensity and duration.


The period of pregnancy is divided into three periods:


1st period – three first months

Exercise is not really affected. Excluding the cases where there are complications.
It is better & safer if you are already trained on the type of exercise you choose.

2nd period – from the fourth to the seventh month

The intensity and the volume of exercise should be reduced as the pregnancy progresses.

3rd period – the last two months

Simple exercises that will make delivery easier should be performed combined with walking.


Types of exercises suitable for pregnant women:


Exercise on the water

Water really helps because of its weight supporting effect due to its buoyancy.

Performing the exercise on the water is easier and highly supported.
However, it is important to take care of the quality of the water. The water should be clean if you choose the sea and if you choose the pool go for the ozone one that is chlorine free.
You can choose between aqua fitness or swimming


Working out in nature

Woman’s contact with mother nature is very important during pregnancy because it helps the growth of the mother-child bond by increasing the safety of both the mother and the fetus. Plus the calming effect of nature is well-known, providing relaxation to the mother.

Choose jogging if you’re already a runner or walking at a steady pace


Yoga for pregnancy

It is the safest method that you can start during pregnancy even if you did not have any previous experience.

Yoga will not only keep you in a good physical condition, combining strengthening with stretching, but will take care of your energy levels as well. Yoga will teach you the right breathing which helps the nourishment of your baby and facilitates the process of delivery. Also prepares you psychologically for this great change that is already happening in your life and the one that will happen after the birth of your baby


Strengthening workout using elastic bands

It is important for women to maintain their muscular mass during pregnancy for two reasons: a) because the muscles are supporting the body and will help with the extra weight during pregnancy , b) muscle strength is necessary for the first year of the child’s life as the woman is asked to support the child by lifting it, following it, etc.

Elastic bands are the perfect option because they work at all levels, they invigorate the entire muscle and are safer to use.
Choose the resistant effect accordingly to your physical level.


Useful advice during exercise while being pregnant

  •  Keep your sweat levels low.
  • Keep your body temperature stable.
  • Consumed enough water.
  • Do not push yourself to its limits. Pregnancy is a time when you need to stay calm without stress and anxiety.
  • Take deep breaths and rest when you feel that your heart beat is fast enough.
  • Ask your doctor before starting any form of exercise. Do not forget that you are unique!