Playing is the most effective way for learning. Yoga.Me Play is an exclusive practice of yoga designed for our young friends. Children come into this world, each of them with their special talents. The aim of this session is, kids to acknowledge and develop them. Through yoga practice they connect with their uniqueness and learn to love every aspect of themselves. A bright future needs a good base and this is what kids develop through playing with yoga. Self-knowledge, self-love and self-acceptance are the core of wellbeing & happy living.

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Why Playing with us

  • For a strong body
  • We learn how to breathe
  • We explore the world of thoughts
  • To travel in space and time
  • We evolve our imagination and our creativity
  • To strengthen your parent-child relationship
  • We learn how to recognise our talents and special gifts
  • We discover a brand new world together

Yoga.Me Play is for :

  • All children aged 4-10 years.
  • Especially for kids that experience the phenomenon of "bulling".
  • Artist.
  • Children with learning difficulties.
  • Hyperactive kids
  • Children who are experinecing challenges (change of school, home, divorce of parents).
  • Children with concentrationdifficulties and inability to relax.
  • Parents looking for a creative time with their children.
  • Parents who want to develop a closer relationship with their child.

The benefits of Yoga.Me Play are multidimensional

  • Through practice, children learn about their body and its limits and how to breath correctly
  • They connect with their emotions and learn different ways to manage them.
  • You achieve a greater level of wellness.
  • Creative exercises stimulate new synapses in their brains.
  • Guided meditation develops imagination and ingenuity.
  • Kids connect with their uniqueness and learn to develop and defend it..

The effects on the well-being of the kids comes with ease and grace:

  • Health and harmony
  • More Joy
  • Empowerment at all levels
  • Emotional Balance
  • Physical Wellness and Strengh
  • Expansion of they Talents
  • Strengthening of the immune and endocrine system
  • Improving all relationships
  • Developing intelligence and creativity
  • Deeper relaxation & better sleep

An online session that link playing with the developments of awareness.
Duration: 45 minutes
Instructor: Anna Agrafiotis, Yoga Teacher with over 500 hours of training Sessions are held through the Zoom platform. After registering and purchasing your session, a link will be sent to your e-mail.

Structure of the session

Each session includes: - body postures- different each time, children are asked to imitate an animal/object, to become a flower or a tree
- creative yoga games that enhance imagination and brain function
- breathing exercises essential to proper oxygenation of the body and good health
- relaxation to achieve peace in the child's overall system
- vision - discovering a new world inside and outside of us
Parents can be present at these sessions, especially if children are in a younger age (4-6 years).

This session is currently available in greek language only.

For inquiries please contact us

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